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Charlotte/Concord Wedding Photographer || Frank Liske Park Wedding || Concord, NC || Amber & Reggie

Amber and Reggie have one of the best love story ever.  Amber and Reggie were best friends for 3 years and have never thought about dating one another.  They prayed for one another, sang with one another and just appreciated each others friendship.  One day, Amber prayed for Reggie’s wife and asked God to bless him with a wife that will love him the way she does. Well, the man upstairs told her that NO ONE will love Reggie like you ~ except for you.

I am so in tears typing this because they truly are the epitome of agape love.  Amber is one of the sweetest women you’ll ever meet. But what makes her even more sweet is her voice.  Both speak and singing, Amber is just delightful all the way around.

#happilyeversykes wedding was an amazing one.  We started out getting prepared in Charlotte, NC.  They weather man said it was going to Thunderstorm that Friday, but I love when God shows up and shows out.  The weather was perfect for this perfect couple.  The sun was shining bright and you can see the glow & joy on Amber’s face as she knew time was ticking for her to become Mrs. Sykes.

We started our first look at The Embassy Suites in Concord, NC.  The Fire Place was the meeting place and Reggie’s face was in awe as he saw his soon-to-be wife for the first time.  As they danced in the sunlight I just heard the Father say: Well done my faithful servant. May your fountain be blessed; and may you rejoice in the youth of your wife.  Proverbs 5:18  The reception was the most awesome rustic wedding.  Located at Frank Liske Park Barn, the setting was very romantic. You can watch the sunset through the skylights.

FIRST LOOK: The Embassy Suites ~ Concord, NC


RECEPTION: Frank Liske Park Barn

DRESS: David’s Bridal

SHOES: Nine West

EARRINGS: Something Old

RINGS: Jared ~ The Galleria of Jewelry

PHOTOBOOTH: Shutter Hutch Photobooth

PHOTOGRAPHER: Emmaleigh Nikole Photography


SykesWeddingBlog_0001 The look on Amber’s face as she view her gown is priceless.  SykesWeddingBlog_0002 I love the little things. Her gorgeous shoes, the perfume & the garter. All intimate things that makes a girls day super special! SykesWeddingBlog_0003AHHH, the lipstick!!!  Amber’s beauty is not only outward, but she is the sweetest person ever!

SykesWeddingBlog_0006Tavia did such an amazing job.  Yes, THE BIG DAY IS FINALLY HERE!

SykesWeddingBlog_0011   These are a few of my favorite things.  The David’s Bridal gown, the mother dressing her daughter for the last time, the BFF helping you get dressed, the brides first look at herself.  Simply perfection. SykesWeddingBlog_0007 Nothing like a romantic & vibrant bouquet!!! SykesWeddingBlog_0008 SykesWeddingBlog_0009Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh SykesWeddingBlog_0010  SykesWeddingBlog_0012 I wish this picture was a little closer so you can see Amber’s beautiful blue eyes. SykesWeddingBlog_0013 SykesWeddingBlog_0015 SykesWeddingBlog_0016 The weather man called for rain, but my God said NOT SO on my daughter’s day.  Look how vibrant the sun is.  Amber’s dress shot shows her appreciation for amazing weather! SykesWeddingBlog_0017

SykesWeddingBlog_0004 The first look…what is the first look?  A First Look is when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. This is done alone, away from your wedding party, and it is a moment shared by just the two of you. {{amazing day events}} SykesWeddingBlog_0005Here is that beautiful fireplace I told you about at The Embassy Suites in Concord, NC.  SykesWeddingBlog_0018Look how gorgeous that gazebo is, but most importantly look how amber looks into her husband’s eyes.  That is what’s priceless. SykesWeddingBlog_0019 SykesWeddingBlog_0020YES~Reggie was definitely getting prepared for the final countdown to his finace becoming the Future Mrs. Sykes!  He’s one stoked guy! SykesWeddingBlog_0021 SykesWeddingBlog_0022 SykesWeddingBlog_0023 SykesWeddingBlog_0024 SykesWeddingBlog_0025Reggie & Amber’s shared passion for music poured all through this wedding. Musical notes, instruments, you name it, it was definitely there. SykesWeddingBlog_0026Thanks to Kari’s husband who hand made the gazebo!   SykesWeddingBlog_0027 SykesWeddingBlog_0028 SykesWeddingBlog_0029This is definitely one of those had to be there moments.  I made a joke and it took Amber and her dad a few minutes to compose themselves.  Sorry Amber, we all know how funny that joke was and it truly showed the final seconds you were supposed to be walking down the aisle.   SykesWeddingBlog_0030 SykesWeddingBlog_0031 SykesWeddingBlog_0032 SykesWeddingBlog_0033 SykesWeddingBlog_0034 #AgapeLove SykesWeddingBlog_0035 SykesWeddingBlog_0036 #firstkiss SykesWeddingBlog_0037 I can’t tell you how amazing the Barn, at Frank Liske Park looked. It was sooo beautiful!!!!  SykesWeddingBlog_0038 SykesWeddingBlog_0039 SykesWeddingBlog_0040 SykesWeddingBlog_0041 SykesWeddingBlog_0042DAD: A son’s first hero ~ A daughter’s first love SykesWeddingBlog_0043 SykesWeddingBlog_0044 SykesWeddingBlog_0045 SykesWeddingBlog_0046 SykesWeddingBlog_0047

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