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Chris & Ashley || Castle McCullough Wedding || Charlotte/Concord Wedding Photographer || Jamestown, NC

I met Chris at my daughter’s job.  He was bright and bubbly and had such a great personality.  I knew right away that shooting his wedding was going to be awesome. Unlike most men who basically just show up {{LOL, no offense men}} Chris was definitely a part of it all.  I am more than sure Ashley was amazed at how Chris handled being a groom.

I didn’t get to meet Ashley until the day of the wedding, but when I walked through her hotel room door she was nothing short of gorgeous. Have you seen Ashley????  She looks like she is one of those models in a magazine.  Her talent is never ending.  Her makeup was flawless and YES, she rocked it herself.

Chris & Ashley attended a bridal show at Castle McCullough, Ashley knew right away that Castle McCullough was her dream come true venue.  She was definitely the Queen for her day. From her royal earrings, to her amazing gown and shoes that she customized with butterflies…everything was flawless.

Ashley & Chris’s wedding reminds me of this:  I THINK WE ALL SHOULD LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER…..

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