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Jon & Sam Courthouse Wedding || Charlotte Wedding Photographer ||Embassy Suites-Concord NC

Dear God:

Every single wedding you allow me to shoot, allows me to see the agape love you were talking about.  NOTHING can ever takes it’s place when a wedding is centered around your Holy Majesty.  Proverbs 18:22 states that he that finds a wife find a good thing and obtains favor.  Wow, when I look up the word FAVOR I am in WOW – gracious kindness.  When I think about your Grace & Mercy I am so blessed to be able to capture & freeze these moments in time that we will never get again.  The fact that you’re not in time as we are, describes your infinity and how you expect weddings/marriages to be.

Sam & Jon are nothing short of this glory: your agape love.  From the moment they met – they allowed themselves to stay pure in your sight.  With the promotion of pre-marital relations everywhere, it feels so amazing to broadcast that we are NOT the minority, but there are so many couples that have vowed celibacy in YOUR honor.   We shall wait…we shall NOT awaken love until it so desires.  I pray for their eternity in you.  I pray for favor on their lives.  I pray for prosperity, but most of all I pray for your glory, honor and praise to continuously be in their mouths throughout their entire marriage.

The day started in the Morales Household.  As Samantha primped and prepped getting her hair and makeup done…Jon wrote his wife to be a love letter.  As we headed towards downtown Concord, it became so real that in the next 45 minutes….Samantha was about to become Mrs. Morales. The ceremony had lots of loved ones there and afterwards we went to The Embassy Suites for an intimate session.  AND NOW…SAM & JON’S WEDDING DAY….

samNjonwedding_0001 samNjonwedding_0002

samNjonwedding_0003 samNjonwedding_0004 samNjonwedding_0005 samNjonwedding_0007 samNjonwedding_0006

The first look – A First Look is when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. This is done alone, away from your wedding party, and it is a moment shared by just the two of you.  In my opinion is the most intimate time you two can share before your wedding.  samNjonwedding_0009 samNjonwedding_0010 samNjonwedding_0011 samNjonwedding_0013 samNjonwedding_0012

The circle is the symbol of eternity, with no beginning or end. The bible represents God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit was present at this union. samNjonwedding_0014 samNjonwedding_0016 samNjonwedding_0015 samNjonwedding_0020 samNjonwedding_0017 samNjonwedding_0022 samNjonwedding_0023 samNjonwedding_0025 samNjonwedding_0024 samNjonwedding_0026 samNjonwedding_0027 samNjonwedding_0028 samNjonwedding_0021 samNjonwedding_0029 samNjonwedding_0030Shoes: Dolce

Venue: Cabarrus County Courthouse

Venue: Embassy Suites|Concord, NC

Rings: Helzberg Concord Mills Mall

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