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Kat & Jay Ballard || Myrtle Beach/The Cooper House || Destination Wedding || Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Date: October 4, 2014

Time: 4pm

Place: The Cooper House

Why ~ Katt & Jay are getting married!!!!

It was an honor to not only capture a clients wedding, but being given the privilege of shooting a friends wedding.  I have known Katt for a little over 4 years. We worked together.  At work, she had such a great and positive personality.  The one thing that drew me near her was her faith in G-d.  She was already praying for her spouse before she knew him.  I think that alone is EPIC!!!    When her best friend and Maid of Honor gave her speech, she stated that Katt has always been praying for her spouse and that just gave me such a peace about this wedding.

Katt & Jay were the most nervous couple I’ve meet.  But nervous in a GREAT way.  They couldn’t wait to become husband and wife..and I see why.  They truly are a power couple!  Seeing them together was such a delight.  It was also a reminder ~ He that finds a wife, finds a good thing and finds favor Proverbs 18:22.  Jay <—-You are truly blessed with favor.  May your union take your business to NEW HEIGHTS!!!  May your union take your passion for creativity and joy in HIM to new heights, and may all your dreams and endeavors come true.

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