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The Completed Work || Stephen & Araebia’s Wedding || The Garden ~ Concord, NC||Charlotte/Concord Wedding Photographer

As I write this chapter of life my via my wedding blog, I’m am constantly reminded of every single thing that Yahweh has done for me.  I do not take it lightly nor do I give anyone else the credit except Holy Spirit.  He has been my rock, my best friend, my all.  A few weeks back, I wrote a blog about Faith being the things unseen because I didn’t know what was going on in my life.  All I knew was there was an amazing guy that I felt something for…but didn’t know where in my future would he end up.

FLASH BACK – I was given a prophetic word on March 25 by a Fire Student that God was about to show me my husband.  She told me that HE already knew who I was and God was about to reveal him to me.  She said that not only will I meet him, but things will happen at an accelerated pace.  At first knowing God I questioned his timing. With God, accelerated could have been 1-3 years.  But not this time….everything happened so fast.  From our first date, to courting to engagement to marriage.  It all happened exactly the way she said it would.

To see our engagement Faith:

We never told anyone, but Stephen and I actually planned on eloping. We didn’t want the hassle of a huge wedding.  I prayed for years and told the Lord that IF HE blessed me with a man that loved God with all his heart, mind and soul that I didn’t need a huge wedding.  All I wanted was me, him and God.

During our courtship, we would sit in this garden across the street from my house and pray and talk and just let Holy Spirit minister to us.  Because Stephen worked 6 days a week, all we had was Saturdays for 3-4 hours to spend with one another.  Those hours were like an eternity.  I never wanted to leave him…but I knew that I had to.

THE GARDEN: I was reading this book by the late Dr. Myles Munroe called – The Purpose and Power of love and marriage and in one of his chapters he says that everyone should have a garden wedding.  I wonder why did he mean that.  He meant it because that’s where it all started.  IN THE GARDEN…the very place that Stephen and I would sit and talk and pray and fell in love.

I know that not everyone story will happen this way….but what I can tell you is NEVER STOP PRAYING & NEVER GIVE UP!!!!  What God has for you is for you.

STEPHEN’S SIDE: I did what I always wanted to do for years. I knew that I had a calling on my life, but wasn’t ready to answer the calling.  I didn’t want to go through what I knew I had to for the calling so I decided to do what I wanted to.  For years, I felt the pressing of the Lord on my heart but like many, I ignored it.

I went to the deepest parts of the mind and I got lost there. I tried to take a break from that mental torture and turned to the things of this world.  Of course NONE of it helped…it just kept me in a place of solitude and away from the Lord.  Thank you Father that Romans 8:38 says that NOTHING shall separate me from the love of God.  I am so grateful that God had other plans for my life.

After years of asking the Father when will I meet my wife, every single year He would tell me – NOT YET SON…YOU’RE NOT READY.  Although I was hurt, I knew that it wasn’t time to meet her.  As I stated in my vows, I prayed for years for my bride and I knew that God has hand picked her for me.  I just couldn’t meet her because ‘I” wasn’t ready.  I wasn’t prepared for her.  I wasn’t where I should be in HIM.
A year ago I had this great plan of going to the beach and having so much fun, but little did I know as soon as I got there God had other plans.  I knew that change was coming, but I didn’t realize it was at that moment.  God would visit me with His presence the whole time I was there and tell me over and over again, it’s time to face me son.  He told me that it was going to be ok.  He told me that I’ve been calling you long enough, it’s time to come to me.  NO matter where I was, God’s presence was so strong on me…what a way to enjoy the beach.  As soon as I arrived home, I went to my room and totally surrendered to HIM & He slained me in the spirit. From that point, it was on.  He took away every dark place in my life.  Burned away everything that was NOT HIM & created in me a clean heart and renewed a right spirit within me.

That quote that says a women’s heart should be so hidden in Christ that he has to first seek HIM to find her is soooo right.  My wife didn’t just appear in my lap.  She was right there the whole time.  After talking with my wife, it’s so funny that we were always around one another years ago, but God never allowed us to see one another.  Even in church. She was on one side and I another….for months and yet —> nothing.

I thank the Father for divine appointment.  I remember the first time God revealed to me that Araebia was my wife.  We had just finished Life Group and she began to war in the spirit and I said…God can I have one of those LOL..God said you can have that one.  From there I knew that God had released my wife to me and I didn’t ever have to hear another year that I wasn’t ready because my bride was standing only feets away from me.

Thank you for reading our story….stay tuned.  But for now.  Stephen & Araebia ~ The Completed Work

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